Shuffle Change

One coin at a time


1. Play with 6 identical coins

2. One player takes heads the other tails.

3. Players shoot from the same side.

4. Coins are shoved or flicked from behind the closest “1” line.

5. Coins must break midline otherwise replay coin without penalty.

6. Players alternate turns until all six coins are played, tally score, then begin next round.

7. Any coin in gutter, touching gutter, or touching other coin in gutter is worth “0” points.

8. Ricochet or banked shots are allowed.

9. If coin flips to opposing side of coin during play, opposing player gains coins action for current round.

10. First player to 21 wins, must win by 2 points.

11. Enjoy

12. Any questions please Contact Us.

Download and print a copy of the rules

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