Shuffle Change

One coin at a time


My change is not gliding like it used to, what’s up with that?
When your change starts to slow down, take out a dry rag and rub down your game board. The wax in the board needs to be reactivated against the dust that may have accumulated on your board. Yes there is wax on the board!

That did not work, my change is still slow.
Then get some furniture wax out and rewax the board, you are good to go now.

What counts as a score? I mean the coin is in both the 2 and the 3 field. Now what?
House rules state you take the largest sum that your coin is touching, however there are some players that will call it by greater half the coin is touching. Make a decision what rule you are playing before you start the game.

Where can I buy shuffle change?
Stop by Sigs Lagoon near downtown Houston to get your own shuffle game today. Or order online from our webstore today.

I lost my directions! Now what?

Download and print out a new copy here

Sigs Lagoon

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